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MYwarmzone - gym turf with integrated floor heating

MYwarmzone - gym turf with integrated floor heating

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Warm feet — great training

Large rooms like most gyms are challenging to heat. In addition, different training areas require different temperatures. For low-intensity stretching and mobility areas the MYwarmzone provides warm feet for more fun during each excercise.

Smart and energy efficient

The MYwarmzone has a very low energy demand and can be smartly timed through an integrated thermostat as well as through a smartphone app.

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Carpet thickness: 18 mm

Material: Texturized polyethylene fibers

Material safety according to EN 71-3


Installation: For a perfect use of our products please follow this installation prodedure:

1. Clean surface

2. Lay out speedtrack, then roll it up

3. Place three stripes double sided tape (5 - 10 cm width) at the position of the speedtrack

4. Fix speedtrack to the floor

5. Maintain the speedtrack with daily vacuuming and a weekly wet cleaning step


For delivery please make sure to have:

- 2 people available

- a board with wheels