About us

Why we exist

The story begins with two ambitious Persian business men in search for the right tools to revolutionize the way carpets are made. Their quest led them to Germany, where they could translate the rich Persian carpet knowledge into new technologies and applications for artificial grass. This is the DNA of Fior, we embrace intercultural exchange and an entrepreneurial mindset to break new frontiers.

Our values

1) We involve you: Through software and robots we enable you to make each artificial grass project special according to your needs.
2) We love art: We value a great design not by producing it many thousand times, but by limiting each design to 250 pieces to have more designers to take part in a successful product and by supporting the designer with a revenue share.
3) We value nature and the re-use of materials: Through a combination of standard elements and individualized elements we believe it is possible to make multiple personalized products out of the same standard elements. Therefore we are buying back used products and become a circular material user.
This is what we stand for, Laaya and Tilman